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Even if Charlie House Pinklao is surrounded by trees inside the hotel's beautiful tropical garden, the hotel is located right in the hub of the Pinklao area, full of shops, restaurants, food courts, commercial banks, over 10 movie theaters, a bowling alley, fitness centers, and etc. These are located amongst the 5 shopping malls – Central Plaza Pinklao, Major Cineplex Pinklao, Lotus's Pinklao, The Sense, and Pata Pinklao. These malls are all just only within a 5-10 minutes walk.

Besides, Charlie House Pinklao is a convenient stay, as the hotel is located within a short walking distance to public van stations nearby and only 1.2 kilometers away from Bang Yi Khan MRT Station (about 15 minutes walk or just 1-2 minutes by car or taxi).



Central Plaza Pinklao Department Store

Central Plaza Pinklao (approx. 600 m. from the hotel)


Central Plaza Pinklao is the largest department store in the Pinklao area and could be regarded as one of the busiest hubs within the Thonburi area.

This large department store is only 600 meters from Charlie House Pinklao. We have the golf cart service available to drop our hotel guests at the front of the alley, after which the walk to Central Plaza Pinklao is only about 5 minutes. Along the way, you can enjoy various street foods and markets on both sides of the road.

With a 6-story plaza building, Central Plaza Pinklao is fully equipped with restaurants, beverage shops, top fashion stores, beauty clinics, electronic stores, IT equipment stores, pharmacies, fitness, furniture stores, Tops Supermarket, governmental and commercial banks, as well as cinemas. 

  • iStudio, the sales agent of Apple Store selling MAC, iPhone, iPad, iTune and other brands of computers 
  • Power Buy, a centre of electrical appliances
  • Sizzler : Great Steaks, Seafood and Salad
  • MK Restaurants
  • The Pizza Company
  • KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)
  • Zen Japanese Restaurant (first floor)
  • Fuji Japanese Restaurant (ground floor)
  • Starbucks Coffee
  • Asia Books
  • SE-ED book store
  • SB Furniture / Koncept Furniture / Index Furniture
  • World Camera
  • Music Stores
  • Major EGV Cinema (5th floor)

Major Cineplex Pinklao

Major Cineplex Pinklao (approx. 500 m. from the hotel)

Major Cineplex Pinklao is only 500 meters from Charlie House Pinklao. Hotel guests can use our golf carts service from the hotel to the front of the alley. Then walk up the street for about 250 meters, you will reach one of the most bustling places within ​​the Pinklao area.

Being one of the largest Major Cineplex branches, the Major Cineplex Pinklao also has a bowling alley, food and beverage outlets, a fitness center, and retail outlets. There is also a small branch of Tops Supermarket that opens nearby. Additionally, you will find a couple of street markets on the sidewalk just in front of the complex, where you can shop for clothes and street foods from late afternoon until evening. This place is also the connecting bus stop for many locals, making it vivid in the evening. Major Cineplex Pinklao is definitely one of the most bustling places in Thonburi.

  • Major Bowl Hit, a 20 alley facility
  • McDonald’s
  • Dunkin Donut
  • Chester Grill
  • KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)
  • Near by markets and street food

Lotus’s Pinklao


Lotus's Pinklao (approx. 350 m. from the hotel)

Lotus's Pinklao is the closest shopping mall to our hotel, only about 300 meters away. Our guests can take a golf cart from the property to the entrance of the alley. Then you will see Lotus's Pinklao right on the opposite side of the road, where you can easily access it by the overpass.

Lotus's Pinklao is a hypermarket that combines supermarket and superstore. Inside, you will find a food court, food and beverage outlets, and other small shops. It is the largest supermarket in the Pinklao area. This is a convenient place to shop for household appliances, fresh and dry food, and daily necessities at affordable prices. Additionally, there is also a food market on the side of the mall where you can choose to taste at your convenience.


  • IT City
  • The largest supermarket in the area

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